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Subject: Re: Canon 1D vs 5D

> I am thinking about picking up a new camera in the next several months.
> (I
> haved shot a lot on the digital rebel, and the elan eos II, but I am
> really
> looking to get into something higher end) I am looking at the canon 1D
> and
> 5D.
> I noticed the following:
> The 5D is cheaper
should tell you something about the overall quality and durability.

> The 5D is a higher resloution
which is completely useless, the difference isn't significant (only an
increase of 300% or more would count as significant).

> The reviews I read say the CMOS is the same quality in the 1D and the 5D.
So it has essentially the same chip.

> So what is the reason I would want to buy the more expensive 1D vs, the
> higher resloution 5D?
You can probably throw the 1D off the roof of a car onto a pillow and it may
still work, you can only throw the 5D off the hood onto that same pillow and
hope it still works.

For the rest, the 1D may have better lightmeters, AF system, CF write
interface, etc. etc.

Plus it's a more effective penis extender because it's more expensive,
something I notice is extremely important to a lot of people.


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