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Subject: Re: Call For Entries

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deadauthor wrote:

> M2 invites you to participate in “Despejo.” The photography exhibition
> will take place March 10th to April 10th, 2006. The exhibition will
> showcase the work of Matt Adams, Chris Rosas and Sergio Santos, but is
> open for calls to anyone interested in taking part in the exhibition and
> being a part of Fotofest’s Intenational Biennial celebration with us. Feel
> free to contact us at: 325 W. 19th Street
> Houston, Texas 77008 telphone:713-861-6070 fax:1-866-344-0825
> web:m2-houston.com email:m2-houston@sbcglobal.net
> The application may be downloaded at the following link:
> http://m2-houston.com/images/pdfs/Open%20Call%20for%20Entries%20Fotofest.pdf

Um... Isn't an international newsgroup the wrong place to advertise an
exhibition of real photos. Online exhibitions I can understand...


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