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Subject: Re: 35mm film projectors - do they exist?

In article ,
duncan@giftsline.com says...
> These were know as film strip projectors. They used to be in schools and
> educational institutions when I went to school.
> They used tungsten lamps but if you could find one then you may find a
> conversion kit. The best people I can think of that deal in this type of kit
> still is:
> http://www.leescameras.co.uk/
> good luck.
> Duncan
Two other poster have stated that these projectors only
accommidate half frame movie format pictures. This is not always true,
some models Allowed you to rotate the lens carrier holder and use a
different carrier which do exactly what the O.P. wants to do, project
double frame negs.
> "dave" wrote in message
> news:KlIcf.193$0h5.82@dukeread10...
> > looking to aquire a 'film projector', capable of projecting my 'cut to
> > lengths of 5 shots' 35mm film strips onto a wall, one image at a time,
> > so I can photograph the results with my digi-cam. (I can 'shift the
> > colors' in software later). do such devices exist?
> >
> > I'm not wanting a 'movie theater projector' or anything like that...
> >
> > thanks for info
> >
> > tolie


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Re: 35mm film projectors - do they exist?

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