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Subject: Re: 35mm film projectors - do they exist?

On 2005-11-10 11:22:06 -0500, "Duncan Allan" said:

> These were know as film strip projectors. They used to be in schools and
> educational institutions when I went to school.
> They used tungsten lamps but if you could find one then you may find a
> conversion kit. The best people I can think of that deal in this type of kit
> still is:
> http://www.leescameras.co.uk/
> good luck.
> Duncan
> "dave" wrote in message
> news:KlIcf.193$0h5.82@dukeread10...
>> looking to aquire a 'film projector', capable of projecting my 'cut to
>> lengths of 5 shots' 35mm film strips onto a wall, one image at a time,
>> so I can photograph the results with my digi-cam. (I can 'shift the
>> colors' in software later). do such devices exist?
>> I'm not wanting a 'movie theater projector' or anything like that...
>> thanks for info
>> tolie

But film strip projectors project half frame horizontal images, same as
35mm movie frames, not the 35mm still camera format. For that you need
a slide projector and will have to mount the slides individually.
Wouldn't it be easier to scan them? You'd surely get better images.
Michael | "You're going to need a bigger boat."


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