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Subject: Product/Still Photography Question


I am working as a designer for a small business putting out a catalog
and website. Since I have a few years schooling in photography (tho
nearly a decade ago) and a small personal business as a photographer
doing real estate and landscape photography, the company has asked that
I try my hand at doing some product photography for them, as it is a
bit out of their budget to hire and outside vendor. I said I'd give it
a shot, but would need some additional equipment, although the budget
is very limited....I'm excited at this opportunity to try and expand my
skill set, but...

The products are mostly tabletop sized - dinnerware, such a fiestaware
plates, stainless steel pans/pots, etc. What we'd like to accommplish
is a preferably seamless white background with little shadow. I'm
assume the use of a light tent, including sweeps, will be
necessary....30x30x30 - good size or larger? What about lighting? Will
a couple of flood lights on each side of the tent work, or should I get
a small boom for overhead lighting as well? There is a possibillity of
doing some glassware...will I need a light panel to light from below
for these shots or just a graduated color sweep? Lastly, since my
employer will want the images digital and as quickly as possible, I'll
be using my Nikon D70. Will the 18-70 lens be ok, or should I look into
investing in a different type of lens? More tele?

Did I miss anything? Anything you would change? Pointers or
websites/books you would suggest?

Thanks So Much!


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Re: Product/Still Photography Question
Re: Product/Still Photography Question

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