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Subject: Preserve and save your pictures/memories FOREVER!

With all of the natural disaster (floods/fires etc) going on in the
world I've been looking for a way to preserve my photos! I have finally
found a way (after my sister lost every picture she had in a house fire
while she was on her honeymoon!) Here it is- I thought I'd share it
with everyone!

Preserve, Organize, Share and Enjoy!!! Upload, archive and share your
old and new photos- try it out- it's free and it just received an award

for easy to use! Saved on 12 different servers and backed up and taken
a granite vault for your protection so you never lose your memories!
Accessible anywhere- just need the internet! A great company whose
prints are 12 cents and less!
The great thing is you download the pictures to a
website that is your very own. You can organize your photos for FREE.
The website is free AND the first 20 prints you make are also free.
Nothing to lose. Try it out! Also there are lots of other products like

calendars, slideshows, albums, plus fun stuff like mugs and t-shirts.
Shipping is FAST and affordable. Another great service is you can dust
off all those old photos that are stored under your bed or in your
closet and send them in to the company. They will scan them for you and

put them up on your website then send your photos back to you. You can
also send in negatives or slides! Starting the first of January you can
send in those old home movies and 8mm films and have them preserved as
well as freeze it and pull pictures out of a certain part of a movie
that you want a picture of! You can also have them put onto DVD!
Services you can't find anywhere else.


Let me know if you have any questions
bradfieldfamily@gmail.com Jessica


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Re: Preserve and save your pictures/memories FOREVER!
Re: Preserve and save your pictures/memories FOREVER!

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