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Subject: New "memory" game using digital photos.


I hope that this posting is not inappropriate for this particular news
group; if it is, I apologize in advance.

For my kids' Christmas present I wrote a version of the classic game
"Memory" (also known as "Concentration" for folks who are little older
:-). This version is somewhat unique in that it uses the digital
pictures stored on your computer's hard drive as the images you are
trying to match. In addition, you have the ability to download short
"narrations" of the pictures which are then played when the picture is
displayed in the game. My family has spent many hours remembering some
of our fun times together by playing this game.

Due to the popularity of this game amongst my friends, I have decided
to offer it as shareware on download.com. If this sounds fun to you,
please visit www.photomatchgame.com to learn more, and have the
opportunity to download a 15 day trial of the game.

If you have questions about the game, please send them to sales at
photomatchgame.com (replacing the word at with an @ sign, of course).


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