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Subject: Metz Flash Information

I have inherited several older Metz flashes and accessories-- the
flashes are the 45CT-4 and the 60CT-2. I managed to get instruction
manuals for the flashes, but do not have all the necessary accessories
to fully test them. Here's where I need some help...

I want to power these units off of 120VAC, not battery. I know that
"mains" power adapters were available for them and a fairly stiff
price. Does anyone have info on making your own mains adapter(s)?

Are repair schematics available?

Finally, I know that many older flashes are unusable with newer
digital cameras without something like a "SafeSync." Are there any
sort of electronic adapters available for these flashes that will
allow integration with a newer Canon EOS 20D?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give, and please pardon the
crosspost as I'm not certain which group is best for this...

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