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Subject: Lightsphere comparison: clear vs. cloudy version?

Hi all,

im about to buy one of Gary Fongs new flexible "Lightsphere"
photojournalist II flash diffusers and im really wondering which one to
buy, the "clear" version with the cloudy dome only or the new "Cloud"
version that is completely opaque. Did sombody have the chance to compare
those two? Which one is "better" in terms of light and picture quality ? The
Gary Fong website is not really a big help for that descision. But i was
thinking about the following: i "only" own a Speedlite 430EX, and i guess
the cloudy version "wastes" a lot of light, right? So maybe the clea version
should be the way to go? Id like to use the Lightshere mainly for fill
light flash work outdoors and for indoor usage (party/family pics).

Heres a link to the website if somebody is curious what im talking about:
http://store.garyfonginc.com/liiido.html resp.

Thanks for your help (and sorry for any mistakes in my english writing)


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