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Subject: JPEG File Corruption

I have a really big problem....

If you don't have time, I understand read no further, if you do god
bless you...here's my plight...
So the problem started about 5-7 months ago. I have one out of every
100 or so pictures that get's "corrupted" as the linked files. It's a
backstage snapshot from a bodybuilding & fitness show. It's the only
one I can find both a corrupt and non corrupt version of.

Since I have over 50,000 digital images, some personal, some
professional I am freaking out!

At first I thought it may be a card format or reading problem (I am
using 2 - 1GB CF's PNY, 1 - 512 MB San Disk Ultra II, 2 - 128 Dane-Elec
cards) but the problem appears even after weeks or months after
transferred onto the computer with no initial viewing issues.

The severity of the damage is variable from "Recoverable" in Photoshop
to "Completely irreparable". At this time I was using a Seagate
external firewire drive for data backups and decided to backup my
photos from my Maxtor internal to the external to save myself and the
files, unfortunately doing so did not solve my problem.

At that time I purchased a completely new hard drive, ran a brand new
virus scan (McAfee) and copied all files to new drive. Problem still
appearing! After weeks/months again more files were corrupted. Most
of the corruption was evident using Microsofts Windows Picture Viewer.
The damaged files were also noticed when opening in Photoshop & Picasa.
After seeing what was happening, I decided to immediately start
backing up to DVD's so that no further corruption of files would
happen. I got most of them onto DVD but I can't work like this

I have included links to two photos, one from a backup DVD and one
(corrupted) from the HD.


---Hardware/Software Specs---
PC based system
Windows XP Home (Official Full Purchased Version)
1GB Ram (2x Ultra 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL3)
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ NewCastle Core Socket 754 CPU
Mach Speed Viper K8M8MS Socket 754 Motherboard
Maxtor 120GB EIDE HD 5400/2MB/ATA-133
XFX GeForce FX 5500 256MB TV/DVI AGP Video Card

I am going nuts as this continues to be an issue and no one seems to
have any suggestions. Many thanks for any help you might be able to

Rick Lohre


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