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Subject: Help needed with Techjet, Canon, HP, Heidi Wide-Format-Printer, Plotter

Please help me with the following problems. I recently received a
TechJet 5336 PS w/ postscript option. I am making the Techjet
available to our local Resident/Community Association to print posters
11x17 - 36x48 which are placed at various locations in the community,
in relation to various events.

I've been experimenting with various drivers and found that the Canon
W3050 - W9000, HP GL/2, HP 750C/PS all work with to some degree with
the Techjet 5336 under win2000 and/or Linux and/or OSX. However, I
noticed that it takes a very long time to print. This appears to be
related to the page-at-a-time mechanism used to print.

Does anyone know of other compatible
Postscript/CAD/Canon/Epson/Techjet/HP/Other drivers that work with the
Techjet 5336 PS that might work with the printer, under linux, win2k,
or winxp.

Does anyone know whether or not other manufacturers used a compatible

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Techjet 5336, 5436, 5636
print engines?

Does anyone know where I can find line-at-a-time drivers that might
work with the Techject 5336? Is there a way to con vine one of the
previously mentioned page-at-a-time drivers to print to the Techjet
5336 one line-at-a-time?

Does anyone know where I can find a relatively new compatible ROM for
the Techjet 5336?

The documentation says that the Techjet 5336 can accept upto 64 MB of
memory. In my experience the documented memory limit may be exceeded,
is that the case for the Techjet 5336?

Any help would be appreciated.

Please and Thank You

The Brockton Initiative


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