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Subject: Gather.com ~ An Idea Space Where Photographers Are Compensated for Participating

Have you checked out newly launched Gather.com? It's getting a lot of
attention as a 'gathering place' that rewards participation and content
submission, including photography. Join for free, share what inspires
you and earn points the can be redeemed for cash, products or services.
Repurpose content from your photosite on gather.com and join a unique
community of insightful thinkers and visual artists.

Gather.com does for user-driven content what eBay did for user-driven
retail by using a community-driven, 'bottom-up' approach where
audience ratings, traffic and comments identify the best content.
Explore the topic Art & Culture > Visual Arts > Photography.

The portal brings an established audience to topical content,
encourages community ratings to establish credibility, and provides
contributor compensation based on the quality and popularity of their

Gather issues rewards in the form of Gather Points redeemable for cash,
goods or services. Points are earned when your invited friends,
colleagues and family members join, when you participate online and
when you post content.

Join Gather today at http://www.gather.com/index.jsp?ref=sa1


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