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Subject: Digital Photo Image File Renaming

Please find at the link below the program for renaming digital photo
image files using date and time recorded by camera with the image.


Formal and easily achieved image file naming consistency simplifies
organization and maintenance of large picture archives.

RENPHOT generates unique names for image files recorded by a digital
camera basing on date-time stamps contained within files. Generated
file names are unique only within the given year - it's not much of a
trouble to separate files between years, while this limitation permits
to maintain the most universal 8.3 naming standard. Ideally a digital
camera itself should do this job, but file naming seems to be of a
little concern for camera designers.

Program reads all not entirely digitally named *.JPG files within the
CURRENT directory and renames those that have recorded date and time
stamp (non-zero). Recorded date and time can be adjusted by a fixed
value to handle the situation when pictures were taken in a time zone
different from one where camera clock was set, or to correct error of
the camera clock. Along with file renaming program appends records
to the DESCRIPT.ION file providing initial description approximations
(with optional global comment) that can be adjusted manually later.

Best regards,
Vladimir Veytsel


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