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Subject: Check out this UK website for models and photographers... www.web-models.co.uk

Hi All,

I've just found this new site (http://www.web-models.co.uk/) in the UK, that
caters for glamour models, and photographers looking for work. It seems like
a very active site, over 1500 members...

The site seems geared toward everything model and photographer related,
varied forums, galleries, mod and tog portfolios, image critque for
photographers, it even has "live" chat, where I've seen mods and togs
generally chatting, and even arranging photo shoots.

There are loads of photos on there to look at as well as uploading your own.
I've got to say that this is the best site I've found within the UK so

You even get your own web-models.co.uk domain name when you sign up as a

Enough of me banging on about this site, if you're a model or photographer
in the UK, and looking for work, or just want to be part of a up and coming
community, then get on there and check it out for yourself...



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