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Subject: Attn: New York Photographers

Hello to all my fellow photographers in New York!!!

I have been working the past few months on putting up a webpage for NY

I was thinking that it would be a great place to say, "Does anyone know of
a good place to shoot (insert subject here) in (town/place/county)? -or-
”Hey, look at this picture I took in ______"

I have been running the site quietly since November, and membership has
been low because I wanted to make sure that my hosting was stable, and my
web page can handle what I would hope be a good crowd.

I most recently upgraded the forums, and I think I have all the bugs worked
out, so I am starting to make some noise, and hopefully spread the word
about the new site.

Please stop by, check us out, and feel free to make a few posts!



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Re: Attn: New York Photographers
Re: Attn: New York Photographers

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