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Subject: A few more Brooklyn Camera Dealers + +

First, come check out today's article, where I get a nice mention:

In a Flash, Camera Dealers Feel the Web's Wrath

Then, a couple weeks ago I came across this site when I was searching on an
address: http://sheddingsomelight.com/buy-cameras/cameras-index.html
Seems some people are into cataloging the Brooklyn camera dealer
"families." Loaded with whois and registration info. Things I look at to
get addresses, but then I mostly toss away.

Now for today. I took two new pictures, plus a picture upgrade for Focus's
new storefront. Also here are a few more from the past few weeks. These are
from the number order index, so you can use the arrow on the first page to
see the others.

J and K Cameras, Inc.
1938 McDonald Ave.
I was biking by and they had an awning I didn't have, plus the shutters
were up. This for a dealer I often hear about in e-mails.

A. Heffco Technologies, Inc.
936 Kings Highway
This is an address I've taken a couple times in the past, but never put up.
Even when I took the first more than four years ago, it seemed odd. Like
they had already moved out. But sheddingsomelight.com has it as an active
address. So here are the two past ones:

AllStar family
This is a dealer group I've had for a long time. I learned that
TheCamerapros.com and Five Star Appliances (fivestarappliances.com) use
1006 Avenue P at both their web sites. Five Star site even says it is All

Certified Digital, certifieddigital.com
New for me. 1414 Avenue P, Suite 300 is the address at their site.

Then today I took:
American Appliance & Electronics Distributors, d.b.a.
1817 50th St.
I have two pictures for these people already. Like this, none look like
where they really do business.

RainbowTronics, Inc., d.b.a. RainbowTronics.com
1554 61st St.
A new picture for a new domain name. But apparently another in the
RadioActive family. This may be the business location for all, and not the
storefront on Jamaica Ave.

To see all of them in alphabetical order by company name go to:

This is my only announcement of this. So please forward on to other
appropriate forums.

Don (e-mail link at album bottoms).


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Re: A few more Brooklyn Camera Dealers + +
Re: A few more Brooklyn Camera Dealers + +
Re: A few more Brooklyn Camera Dealers + +

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