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Subject: UPDATE on :Question on film

I wanted to say thanks to all the answers I got previously.

I have been a busy beaver.

I bought some of several film (45 rolls in all) to see which I like and
I found 2 Ithat capture that "Grandads Picture" I spoke about earlier,
nearly no grain , nice contrast.

I have been working on developing technique and dilutions, as well as
different developers, etc.

I have to say to all the people that reccomended Illford Pan F+ 50,
GOOD Stuff.

The Efke 50 will shoot very nice but its a bit finicky in the
development phase, the Freestyle site warns its soft stuff and while it
is , it is capable of producing some amazing images, but so is the

The illford I cant seem to screw up if I try though, very even

Oddly, I have with some work in the development gotten almost no grain
images out of Fomapan/Arista.EDU 100, at $1.39 a roll I can afford to
experiment, it has a nice contrast and isnt bad at all, the grain is
light depending on developer, in d76 at 1:1 its very sharp.

If I can get a decent scanner I will post some of my experiments.....

Thanks to all who answered.


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