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Subject: Re: cleaning your studio air of dust

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>i guess this is a good place to start.....especially if you're all
> still doing darkroom photography :):):)
> i'm an artist and i want to rid my studio of dust. my studio is about
> 12x17x10. i've been reading about these airpurifiers, and the knock on
> the ionic breeze, but if you're like me, you can't have air being BLOWN
> about as many hepa purifiers do. the air has to be circulated "quietly"
> so to speak, so as not to stir up any dust.
> allergens, i couldn't care less about.....it's dust that want to get
> rid of, though i suppose they all come out the same in the wash. i
> remember long ago, oh like 20 years ago that a photographer friend of
> mine had, in fact, an ionizer that zapped dust. i don't know if that
> ionized ionized,,,as does the sharper image unit,,,nor do i know about
> the latest technologies.
> what is the best thing to use that meets my requirements? thanks all:)

I am the self-proclaimed "King of Dust"...and spiders. I have sealed and
caulked my darkroom, have pressurized with filtered air and use an ionic
thingy. The best contribution to eradicating my dust problems was when
somebody here had me track down the dust source to a leaky dryer exhaust in
the other room. So, I suggest eliminating the source of fresh dust in
addition to everything else, and the ionic thingy helped a lot.


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Re: cleaning your studio air of dust

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