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Subject: Re: Warm tone using developer or toner??

In article ,
Paul Mead wrote:

> Greg "_" wrote:
> I feel your best option is
> > buying the largest stock you use in the paper type of choice and cutting
> > down to the sizes you need. That way everything is the same emulsion.
> That's a thought... is there a way of making this very efficient of
> paper? I can obviously cut A4 sheets in half to get two A5 sheets but
> no-one seems to make A4 except for Ilford and then not in WT. I'd like
> to avoid having to cut down 11x14 to get 8x10 and then waste the rest!

Find out first the biggest sheet you can handle-space wise. Also what
max size you can obtain, then layout the various sizes on a sheet of
scrap drawing paper......in the dark you"ll want a large Guillotine type
paper cutter versus a rotary blade. Small left over scraps can always be
used for tests or other small prints...throw little away!
The sometimes insomniac.



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