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Subject: Re: Warm tone using developer or toner??

In article ,
Paul Mead wrote:

> Hi all
> I have recently had some pleasing results from using Ilford's warmtone
> paper but I'm baulking at having different 'toned' paper stocks for the
> sizes that I might want to use (for want of freezer space as much as cost)
> So my question is - will I be able to obtain the same colour as warmtone
> paper using a developer or toner with normal paper? If so, which is the
> best way to go? Does it matter?
> Thanks
> Paul

I have always felt you can match any tonality using various chemistries
toner included however...getting there. I feel your best option is
buying the largest stock you use in the paper type of choice and cutting
down to the sizes you need. That way everything is the same emulsion.
The sometimes insomniac.



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Re: Warm tone using developer or toner??

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