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Subject: Re: Precipitate in fix bottle


Anthea wrote:
> After an unintentional extended absence from my darkroom, my paper fix
> concertina bottle is full of a dark grey precipitate which is insoluble
> in water. What can I use to dissolve this and clean my bottle? Is it
> the same as the pale yellow ppt I see in splashes on the fix bottle and
> fix tray? I'd like to dissolve those too!

To clean your fix tray you can use the Fixer system cleaner from Kodak,
but use it only for fixing stuff !

As described by Kodak:

KODAK Fixer System cleaner can be used to remove the deposits which tend
to accumulate on metal film hangers and clips used in fixing baths, and
in the fixer systems of continuous-processing equipment.
To clean darkroom equipment, mix the working solution as directed on the
package. Immerse the equipment being cleaned and allow it to remain in
the solution for at least 30 minutes. Heavy deposits may require
overnight soaking. Flush the cleaned equipment thoroughly with warm water.

The package size is big: It allows to make 9,5 liter of working solution...


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