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Subject: Re: Precipitate in fix bottle

"Anthea" wrote in message
> Hello,
> After an unintentional extended absence from my darkroom,
> my paper fix
> concertina bottle is full of a dark grey precipitate which
> is insoluble
> in water. What can I use to dissolve this and clean my
> bottle? Is it
> the same as the pale yellow ppt I see in splashes on the
> fix bottle and
> fix tray? I'd like to dissolve those too!
> Thanks in advance,
> Anth.
Probably elemental sulfur and silver sulfide. Clean it
the best you can with hot water. Then try a strong solution
of household bleach. Let that soak for a few hours and rinse
out with hot water. Try this a couple of times. If there is
still a residue you will have to resort to a standard tray
and glassware cleaner. These used to be available
commercially but both ingredients are considered hazardous.
The mixed tray cleaner is not unusually hazardous but you
should keep your hands out of it and wear gloves and and
protective clothing while using it.

Kodak TC-1
Water (cold) 1.0 liter
Potassium Bichromate 90.0 grams
Sulfuric Acid, concentrated 96.0 ml

Add the acid slowly while stirring the solution rapidly.
Beware that Sulfuric acid generates a lot of heat when it
goes into solution. The vessel should be one that can resist
heat without melting or cracking.
To use pour a little in the container to be cleaned and
swirl it around until the deposits are dissolved. Then wash
out thoroughly with water. The cleaner can be re-used until
it stops working.

If the container is very dirty its probably not worth

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA


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