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Subject: Re: Lightproofing a Garage

Robert spake thus:

[rearranged to correct top-posting]

>>I have a 400 sq foot garage with a standard door for human entry and a
>>garage door (standard type that would be used with a garage door
>>opener). It has an outer window in the door and 3 other windows 29.5x35
>>I believe, it's a standard size in older homes. I have covered them off
>>with thick cardboard sealed with duct taped. I would like to light
>>proof it for use as a day darkroom. If anyone has any suggestions I'd
>>appreciate them, in specific I have the following questions:

> I would get a temp greenhouse frame or make one out of pvc pipe and
> covering it with blackout.

OK, I give up; what is "blackout"?

Pierre, mon ami. Jetez encore un Scientologiste
dans le baquet d'acide.

- from a posting in alt.religion.scientology titled
"France recommends dissolving Scientologists"


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