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Subject: Re: Lightproofing a Garage

Jeph spake thus:

> I have a 400 sq foot garage with a standard door for human entry and
> a garage door (standard type that would be used with a garage door
> opener). It has an outer window in the door and 3 other windows
> 29.5x35 I believe, it's a standard size in older homes. I have
> covered them off with thick cardboard sealed with duct taped. I would
> like to light proof it for use as a day darkroom. If anyone has any
> suggestions I'd appreciate them, in specific I have the following
> questions:
> 1) Amberlith/Rubylith: is this particular variety a good solution to
> cover the windows

For paper, *maybe*. For film, definitely not; you need total darkness to
handle film (though this may not be necessary for a darkroom; you can
load film tanks in either a changing bag or a dark closet).

> 2) How can I lightproof a garage door without sacrificing use of the
> door?

That would be very difficult, but maybe not impossible. Seems to me it
would actually be easier to do on the outside, since there's all kinds
of stuff associated with the automatic door opener on the inside to
interfere. Here's an idea: if you could secure velcro strips along the
door seam outside (on both door and doorway), you might be able to put a
black cloth light seal around the edge of the door. Then all you'd have
to deal with would be the bottom of the door (just stuff something in
the crack) and the windows (cardboard would do).

> 3) Is there a cheap and easy TEMPORARY way to light proof the garage
> door?

See above. Cheap, yes, but not simple.

> 4) Would Amberlit/Rubylith be suitable for lightproofing flourescent
> lighting (I have about 8 fixtures with 2 lights each hanging) I cannot
> afford

See note about film above. You might want to look into buying some
actual safelights; due to the mad rush to digital, everything associated
with darkrooms can now be gotten for dirt cheap.

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