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Subject: Re: Lightproofing a Garage


Its probably not going to be easy, but then again Id like to have a 400sqft

The flourscent tubes might be an issue for this reason. Even after you turn
them off they emitt a glow that with enough of them could fog your film,
especially if you used color at any point.

My darkroom has some, but I just disconnect them about 15 minutes prior to
using it and use a trouble light for the main light in the room when needed.
When they go off they are off. To give you an idea of just what you are
going to have to do and where your trouble spots are going to be, turn out
all the lights and sit in there for about 15 mins with your eyes open. As
your eyes start to adapt, it will be clear where you need to address light
"Jeph" wrote in message
>I have a 400 sq foot garage with a standard door for human entry and a
> garage door (standard type that would be used with a garage door
> opener). It has an outer window in the door and 3 other windows 29.5x35
> I believe, it's a standard size in older homes. I have covered them off
> with thick cardboard sealed with duct taped. I would like to light
> proof it for use as a day darkroom. If anyone has any suggestions I'd
> appreciate them, in specific I have the following questions:
> 1) Amberlith/Rubylith: is this particular variety a good solution to
> cover the windows
> (http://www.misterart.com/store/view.cfm?group_id=656&store=001)
> 2) How can I lightproof a garage door without sacrificing use of the
> door?
> 3) Is there a cheap and easy TEMPORARY way to light proof the garage
> door?
> 4) Would Amberlit/Rubylith be suitable for lightproofing flourescent
> lighting (I have about 8 fixtures with 2 lights each hanging) I cannot
> afford
> Thanks,
> Jeph
> AIM: jephey
> MSN: juniormintz@msn.com


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