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Subject: Re: Lightproofing a Garage

"Jeph" wrote in message
>I have a 400 sq foot garage with a standard door for human entry and a
> garage door (standard type that would be used with a garage door
> opener). It has an outer window in the door and 3 other windows 29.5x35
> I believe, it's a standard size in older homes. I have covered them off
> with thick cardboard sealed with duct taped. I would like to light
> proof it for use as a day darkroom. If anyone has any suggestions I'd
> appreciate them, in specific I have the following questions:
> 1) Amberlith/Rubylith: is this particular variety a good solution to
> cover the windows
> (http://www.misterart.com/store/view.cfm?group_id=656&store=001)
> 2) How can I lightproof a garage door without sacrificing use of the
> door?
> 3) Is there a cheap and easy TEMPORARY way to light proof the garage
> door?
> 4) Would Amberlit/Rubylith be suitable for lightproofing flourescent
> lighting (I have about 8 fixtures with 2 lights each hanging) I cannot
> afford
> Thanks,
> Jeph

Do you really need the entire garage area as your darkroom? It may be easier
to just section off a corner (preferably a corner with no window or

Lightproofing an overhead garage door is probably going to be difficult. I
would think that any procedure used to weatherproof it would help to
lightproof it: weatherstripping around the opening and on the bottom of the

Too much light, even of the right color may be a problem. I think that a
total of 16 fixtures, even filtered, may be a bit much. You can get
sleeves/tubes that fit over 4' light tubes to convert them to safelights.

Ken Hart
> AIM: jephey
> MSN: juniormintz@msn.com


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