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Subject: Re: Kodak Hikes Prices for Photographic Paper

"Dave the Guy" wrote:

> ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) -- Eastman Kodak Co. is raising
> prices for photographic paper this summer to offset a
> steady rise in the cost of raw materials, including pulp,
> silver and petrochemicals.
> Kodak, which is in the midst of a mammoth digital
> overhaul, said Monday that the price hikes will take
> effect in July, varying from around 4 percent to 10
> percent across a wide range of silver halide-based
> paper made for both consumer and professional
> markets.
> ''Over the past several years, Kodak has been
> absorbing unrelenting increases in the costs of raw
> materials,'' the company said in a statement.
> ''Other costs tied to the escalating price of energy,
> including transportation and packaging, also have
> increased,'' it said. ''These pressures have reached
> the point where they can no longer be offset by
> Kodak's ongoing productivity programs.''
> The company has racked up $2.2 billion in restructuring costs since
> January 2004. It reported a $298 million loss in the first quarter --
> its sixth straight quarterly loss.
> Kodak shares fell 35 cents, or 1.5 percent, to $23.51 in morning
> trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Heh, heh. Leave it to Kodak to raise prices on something they no longer
even manufacture.

I remember an observation from someone a while back, something to the effect
that 'Kodak's ability to piss off and alienate its lifelong customers is
nothing short of breathless...'

Does this fall into that category?



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