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Subject: Re: KODAK 5055 CSY

Are there any other edge markings? On motion picture film, for instance,
Kodak prints "Kodak" + xxxx where xxxx identifies the product *and*
"Eastman" + xxxx where xxxx identifies the emulsion. A given emulsion can
appear in different product sizes & lengths, each of which is a separate
product. Once the product is off the market you'll have a hard time
identifying it, but you may still be able to find information about the
"Jeph" wrote in message
>I found some out B&W film, it says KODAK 5055 CSY on the negative, I
> have googled and searched the kodak site and *cannot* find out what's
> the formal name or any other information on the film. There were two
> VERY odd things about it, it came in 21 exposures, and the negatives
> were *very* opaque, almost a combination of positive/negative it's hard
> to explain but they printed fine? If anyone knows what this is my photo
> teacher and I are very interested to know.
> Thanks,
> Jeff


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Re: KODAK 5055 CSY

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