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Subject: Re: KODAK 5055 CSY

A little more info please. When you say "21 exposures" do you mean that you
have the original camera cartridge and it says 21 exp or that you have one
piece of film 21 exposures long? Is the film edge printed like a still
camera film with frame numbers every 36mm and the film type etc.?

"Jeph" wrote in message
> I found some out B&W film, it says KODAK 5055 CSY on the negative, I
> have googled and searched the kodak site and *cannot* find out what's
> the formal name or any other information on the film. There were two
> VERY odd things about it, it came in 21 exposures, and the negatives
> were *very* opaque, almost a combination of positive/negative it's hard
> to explain but they printed fine? If anyone knows what this is my photo
> teacher and I are very interested to know.
> Thanks,
> Jeff


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