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Subject: Re: HELP: Beseler 23C II Lens won't screw in


> [A] lensboard for the Beseler can be as simple as a piece of 1/8 " plywood
> with a 40 mm hole cut in the middle

I made several by laminating cardboard from the back of legal
pads with contact cement.

Flat Omega lensboards can be made from scrap printed circuit
board material with something to give thickness for mounting the

> if you have the retaining ring.

I make the hole in each sheet of cardboard as a hexagon before
laminating. The cutouts are slightly undersize and 'rotated'
from each other. Screw the lens straight into the cardboard.

For blacking cardboard/foam core/AOS* I use Black Kiwi
"Edge Dressing" [for putting a nice black finish on the edge
of the sole of one's Lobb's] it dries water insoluble
and will even stick to polyethylene.

I paint the cardboard with varnish/shellac if I want to
make the lensboard semi-permanent.

I have made temporary lensboards for Sinars, Graphics and
Centuries this way. Sometimes a bit of electrical tape is
needed for a good light seal if used on a camera.

Temporary lensboards are neat for fooling around: reversed
enlarging lenses for macro work with an 8x10; pin-holes;
home-made 'portrait lenses' made from one or two close-up
lenses and an orange juice can; anamorphic slit pinholes;
pinhole and close-up lens combinations...

* AOS: Technical term for material specification: Any Old ----.


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