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Subject: Re: HELP: Beseler 23C II Lens won't screw in

jephey@gmail.com wrote:
>I just got a second hand enlarger, and I noticed it came with a 75mm
>lens, I unscrewed the 50mm one that was loose to begin with (Too loose
>to adjust the aperture) and now the 75mm won't screw in. There is a
>metal ring in the (?) lens board (?) and it's loose. Nothing snapped,
>cracked broke etc. I don't know what to do.

Hmmm... Others answered your questions, so I'll *ask* a couple to
start some conversation that might be educational!

What film size are you planning on doing? The 50mm lense is for
35mm negative. The 75mm lense is for larger negatives, and will
only make small prints when used for a 35mm negative.

But the real question is just exactly what are your two lenses?
(The original lense supplied by Besler was, ahem... *horrible*.)

The good news is that really top quality enlarging lenses are
selling used today for peanuts. Hence if you have a poor lense
or for that matter even a half decent one, it is easy to pick up
a very good one.

Floyd L. Davidson
Ukpeagvik (Barrow, Alaska) floyd@apaflo.com


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