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Subject: Re: Film Roller/Unicolor/Agitator

"Jeph" wrote in message
> At school when I need to leave my developing film somewhat
> unattended I
> rig up a unicolor roller to accept our tanks. It's
> supposed to do
> Foward-Reverse, but it just goes in one direction. I get
> good results
> with it, even if the tank gets a snag for a minute or two
> i just add
> some time onto that process to ensure "even" results. I
> know the B&W
> process doesn't need to be constantly agitated, and to
> some extend I
> think the silver halides need to sit? Not sure, but, my
> film comes out
> contrasty and as expected with manual agitation.
> Is it okay to use an agitator (film roller) with B&W
> chemistry?
> [Forward/Forward-Reverse]
> Thanks,
> Jeff
It should work OK. Development time will have to be
adjusted for the continuous agitation. Kodak and others have
drum times, or, liu of these, use tray times.
I use a Unicolor drum for large format and find that I get
directional "bromide" streaks unless I take the drum off and
agitate it sideways occasionally. This effect may not happen
with tanks with reels. Reversing the direction may also cure
some directional effects if you get them.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA


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