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Subject: Re: Film Roller/Unicolor/Agitator

I've used a Uniroller system for many years at home and processed
commercially with a couple of different rotary rigs at various jobs. Rotary
film processing just plain works. I personally like the reversing action of
the Unicolor base though I'm not sure it's completely necessary, in my mind
I feel it's better to break up surge. (There's a switch arrangement in the
box that regulates the reversal, perhaps it's repairable?) The reversing
action is really only "needed" when doing paper in a tube. When doing paper
in a tube on my old Simmard-type base I would manually flop the tube end for
end every few rotations to simulate the tube-reversal from a Uni-roller.

Some developer rotation combinations are not so good, my first rotary
experience was with an Imagemaker, high speed, one way rotation, no presoak
and D-76 caused all kinds of grief. I switched the lab over to HC-110 (at a
non-standard 1+9 as I recall) and the surge marks, etc. went away. But I
didn't like the short developer times so finally said to hell with it and
processed the b&w by hand while continuing to use the Imakemaker to process
40+ rolls of 'chrome (process E-6/4--E-6 developers and E-4 Bleach and Fix,
recommended at that time by King Concept for low volume users since the
bleach didn't need aeration) for some time.


"Jeph" wrote in message
> At school when I need to leave my developing film somewhat unattended I
> rig up a unicolor roller to accept our tanks. It's supposed to do
> Foward-Reverse, but it just goes in one direction. I get good results
> with it, even if the tank gets a snag for a minute or two i just add
> some time onto that process to ensure "even" results. I know the B&W
> process doesn't need to be constantly agitated, and to some extend I
> think the silver halides need to sit? Not sure, but, my film comes out
> contrasty and as expected with manual agitation.
> Is it okay to use an agitator (film roller) with B&W chemistry?
> [Forward/Forward-Reverse]
> Thanks,
> Jeff


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