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Subject: Re: Developing photos from objects, not negatives

Johan spake thus:

> Greg "_" wrote:
>>In article <447b6667$0$537$ed2619ec@ptn-nntp-reader01.plus.net>,
>> Johan wrote:
>>>I remember someone telling me about a method of developing photos from
>>>objects such as leaves, twigs, geometric shapes etc, rather than negatives.
>>>I can't for the life of me remember the name of the technique.
>>>Can anyone help?
>>Slow day on the newsgroup or someone would have beaten me to this reply:
> Ah, that's the one - thanks a lot!
> Would you have any recommendations of books that either explain how to
> make them, or that have collections of photograms?

Believe me, you don't need a book to do this. (Assuming you know how to
develop photographic prints, that is, which is explained in any basic
photo book.)

All you have to do is find stuff you think might be interesting, put it
on top of a piece of photo paper in the darkroom, expose the paper to
light, and develop it. You can learn all you need to know through
experimentation (different objects, different length of exposure,
multiple exposures, etc.) Try it--it's fun.

I hope that in a few years it [Wikipedia] will be so bloated that it
will simply disintegrate, because I can't stand the thought that this
thing might someday actually be used as a serious reference source.
Because in its current form, it's not to be taken seriously at all.

- Horst Prillinger (see


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