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Subject: Re: Computar dL vs. El-Nikkor?

> I have the 30 as well. I've used the 50 f2.8 CE as my standard lens over
> several years, but whether it equates to better known lenses, I've no idea.
> Would love to hear your views.

I've got three 50mms: a f/2.8 minolta CE, an old metal barrel f/2.8
El-Nikkor (The Wakimoto design, not the Mori design that's sold today),
and a Fujinon EP f/3.5. The minolta was bought new, the others are
used, but in excellent optical shape.

At 6-8x there's no difference in resolution, but the nikkor is slighty
more contrasty than either the fuji or the minolta, and so looks more

At 15x, the minolta lags a bit behind in resolution and grain is not as
sharp as the others. The nikkor goes second, and the best is the
fujinon, by a small margin.

Tested all apertures from wide open to f/8, in all lenses, in a
dichroic and a condenser. Results the same in all cases. I also
pestered two other photographers asking for their blind opinions.

Results are anecdotal, and apply only to my particular samples. I
wouldn't mind printing with any of them; differences are minor, and
negligible at normal enlargements. I have had experiences on not too
good lenses - a very old meopta belar comes to mind : - and they're in
another class.



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