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Subject: Re: Computar dL vs. El-Nikkor?


Man, did that bring back some memories. I used some computar's in an early
scanner design. As I remember, they were good designs and very well
documented for MTF and critical points such as nodal point locations and
flange focal distance. If I remember correctly, they were double gauss
designs and they were multi coated (not so common at the time) . I don't
think that you will see any improvement of the El-Nikkor. You really aren't
pushing the performance envelope with the 105 on a 6X6 negative. Both of
these lenses should perform well with that format.

I have some Minolta Enlarging lenses that I have yet to test...they are true
cult lenses. I got them in a pawn shop for 12 dollars for the pair. (50 and
80mm) . These were designed for the minolta color enlarger.

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"Stephan Goldstein" wrote in message
>I have the chance to acquire a 105mm f/4.5 Computar-dL enlarging
> lens. I already have an El-Nikkor in this focal length that I use with
> 6x6 and 6x7 black-and-white negatives. Both lenses are in essentially
> mint condition. Since my darkroom time is more limited than I'd like,
> I'm wondering if anyone has any significant experience that might save
> me the time and effort of running my own comparison. I've never had
> any issue with the El-Nikkor, but I'm curious about the Computar
> since some folks seem to give them cult status.
> Thanks for your opinions.
> Steve


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Re: Computar dL vs. El-Nikkor?

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