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Subject: Re: Cleaning processing trays

Lew spake thus:

> "David Nebenzahl" wrote in message
> news:4460d716$0$3706$822641b3@news.adtechcomputers.com...
>>My question is: why?
>>Are there any others here who not only don't mind, but actually like the
>>stains that well-used processing trays acquire over time?
>>I think of them as hard-earned patinas. (I especially like that graphite
>>look of a well-used developer tray.) And since they don't have any bad
>>effect on processing, why not just let them be?
> I agree about the look, but if they get changed around the stain seems to go
> away, eg use the developer tray for stop bath for a session or two.

Except that then you might have stuff going into solution that might
have bad effects on processing.

I guess my philosophy regarding stained trays is along the lines of "if
it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Pierre, mon ami. Jetez encore un Scientologiste
dans le baquet d'acide.

- from a posting in alt.religion.scientology titled
"France recommends dissolving Scientologists"


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