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Subject: Re: Calibrated Thermometers

Dumb question time:

I have dial thermometers with a dial that can be rotated for "calibration"
purposes. If I put the thermometer in a glass of water full of ice cubes,
should it not read 32 degees F (or 0 degrees C)? Since the scales don't go
to boiling, I can't use boiling water. Are there any other useful points?
I would think that if there is a way of setting the calibration near 68
degrees F to 75 degreesF this would be better than calibrating at 32 degrees
F, so are there any natural processes that happen in this range that could
be the confident basis of a calibration?

"Nicholas O. Lindan" wrote in message
> On Mon, 08 May 2006 19:11:05 -0400, "Greg "_""
> posited:
>>? Thoughts [calibrating/ed thermometers ????]
> You can always stick it up your a---. Should
> be 98.6 +-.
> Fever thermometers are accurate to +- .2 degrees
> and make good calibration standards: put both
> thermomters in hot water in a styrofoam cup -
> keep the water gently stirred.
> Only color photography is sensitive to
> temperature, and that gets processed at 100
> same as body temperature: they are both organic
> chemistry.
> B&W is a +-2 F game, and you only need
> to have a repeatable temperature and the ability
> to read the deviation to +-10%. A grossly
> inaccurate thermometer will do as long as
> it is linear.
> Temperature calibration is tough to do with
> great accuracy. A triple-point ice cell is
> the only common temperature reference.
> http://www.its-90.com/wtpguide.html
> http://www.omega.com/ppt/pptsc.asp?ref=TRCIII&Nav=temk03
> If you would rather have someone else calibrate your
> thermometer:
> http://www.omega.com/toc_asp/frameset.html?book=Temperature&file=INTRO_GLASS_THERM
> Or buy a 'Kodak Color Thermometer' or 'Kodak Process Thermometer' on
> ebay and be as Alfred E. Neumann: "What, me worry?"
> --
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> Consulting Engineer: Electronics, Photonics, Informatics.
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