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Subject: Re: Book for Photo-Chemistry

if you need a text on theory/chemistry of photo process, then you have
little choice. But, you can use older books with a success. the last
book published on the subject is for" īnsiders"only. No use for
outside of the industry people. Mason, Glafkides, Haist, Mees. That's
Chemistry has NOT changed. changes are ONLY in color couplers, which
is irrelevant for you. Chemistry of photographic processes HAS NOT
changed since 1930-ies.
Even cookbooks are based on old formulae, except maybe ascorbic acid
based developers.

On Sat, 06 May 2006 16:49:30 -0400, Bogdan Karasek

#Can somebody please suggest a recent introductory/intermmediate book
#two) to photo-chemistry. Thanks.


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