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Subject: Re: B&W: Film Roller/Unicolor/Agitator

On 19 May 2006 03:16:53 -0700, "Jeph" wrote:

>Is it okay to use an agitator (film roller) with B&W chemistry?

Yes, people use rotary/roller processors all the time with B&W. It's
not so much that the film _needs_ to sit unagitated, but that dev
charts are typically calculated for manual/periodic agitation.

When manually agitating your tanks, the developer nearest the film
surface will exhaust, and is then whisked away the next time you
invert. With a rotary processor, you're always keeping fresh
developer on the emulsion, so it doesn't take as long. When using
constant agitation, decrease chart times 10-15%. You'll need to
experiment to determine what provides the best results with your

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