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Subject: cropping

I have PI 2002. I haven't upgraded (want to, though) because one of the
functions I really like in PI 2002 is the cropping. Specifically, I like the
fact that after I crop, if I want to crop that photo again, the original
whole photo shows up (cropped and uncropped parts) and I can recrop from that
and not from the recently cropped picture. I use mostly for scrapbooking
so this is a valuable function. I will have one project with many pictures
on it and then proceed to crop away at the photos. After playing with the
layout, I sometimes wish to recrop a photo. Having the whole photo show up
again to crop is a time saver.

Is there a way in DIP 2006 to do this. I have downloaded the trail version
but am unable to figure out a way to do this.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Re: cropping

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