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Subject: Which version is the trial?

Let me apologize if I'm sending the same message twice but when I killed
this, it showed up in my sent folder so I'm not sure if it went out as is.

Anyway, below describes what my question is but, just in case this is for
any and all products in terms of digital imaging, let me clarify that I'm
talking about the Microsoft Digital Imaging/editing program.


I just downloaded the trial version and as it's not called the exact same
name as any of the three "paid for" versions, I'm not sure which version I'm
testing. In short, it seems to have any and everything I require so, if
it's the $34 program, great news for me but by the same token if it's either
the $99 or $134 program, I still want it. I've tried taking the online
previews and looked at the "about" screen but as the name doesn't match
exactly, I want to make sure. Can and will someone clue me in so I don't
spend three or four times as much as I need?



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Re: Which version is the trial?

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