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Subject: Re: windows protection during archiving

MickeyMilo wrote:
> Thanks John for the answers and links. That last one
> appears to be my problem so to speak, that is the exact
> message I am geting but thre ARE blank Cds in my cd
> burner. I went today and got a new Flash Card ( 1 gb) and
> plugged that in hoping the archiving would recognize that
> as a place to store files but it is still doing the same
> thing. I am running 2006 editor V11.0.422.0 on ME based
> windows.I will keep searching and try to find the answer
> and let you know when I do. I know there HAS to be a way
> to change my archiving destination to that new fash casd
> but I cannot get to that point because it keeps shutting
> down when I click on the archive button.
> Thanks for the interest John.
Windows ME? You may have system issues.
And...you know...it may be time to upgrade your
Operating System.

You are subjecting yourself to a huge security
risk running an OS that will be completely phased
out very soon.

End of support for Windows 98 and Windows Me


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

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Re: windows protection during archiving

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