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Subject: Re: windows protection during archiving

MickeyMilo wrote:
> grrrrrrrrrr....I LOVE the Microsoft programs BUT for some
> reason I cannot archive my photos. MOST of the time when
> I click on archive then next, I get a blue screen saying
> "windows protection system" and have to restart the
> computer. A few times I got it to start ( using a CD-R
> cd) but when it gets to the second CD, and I pop one in,
> it says cannot read or disk is not usable . I have tried
> cd-r, cd-rw`s and cannot get it to archive my pictures so
> I am doing it the drag and drop way .
> Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I am using
> an Iomega cd-rw external burner.
> Thanks in advance
> Gary
Sorry, I don't have a solution for this unusual issue...

What exact version of MS Digital Image are you using?

Have you tried reinstalling the program?

What version of Windows? Are you fully updated
from the Windows Update site? Do you run
Disk Cleanup, Scan Disk and Defrag regularly?

Are you using any of the following programs?

Norton SystemWorks
Norton AntiVirus
Norton GoBack
Stardock's Icon Packager
Adobe PhotoShop or Elements
Replay TV Software
Veritas Netbackup Professional backup
eFax Messenger Plus

Have a look at the following articles:

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you try to archive pictures in Digital Image Library 9

(894031) How to troubleshoot problems that
occur when you try to archive digital photos or
burn a VCD from a Photo Story slide show in
Digital Image Suite 9

(894724) You receive the "System halted"
error message or the computer shuts down
when you try to archive pictures in Digital
Image Suite 10

CD, DVD, and VCD burner problems in Picture
It! Library 10 and Digital Image Library 10
(also applies to version 9 and 2006 (11))


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

Digital Image
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Re: windows protection during archiving

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