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Subject: Re: "unexpected error" dig image pro9

rosebud wrote:
> I have Digital Image Pro9 and XP Home. I've never had a problem until
> today. I tried opening two pictures and I got the message: Unable to
> complete this action: An unexpected error occurred while trying to
> create a dialog. Close all programs and restart the computer. I
> restarted and it didn't help.
> Went to the web site and I found an article concerning this. I only have
> 250 fonts. I do not have a registry subkey for Digital Image9.0. So I
> followed the instructions to uninstall and reinstall, twice. (I used
> windows installer clean up) But I still get the same error message.
> Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
> Bonnie in PA

I had a subkey for Pictureit!9.0 and made a registry change for
showstartup. it was yes and I changed it to no. everything seems to be
working now.

How do these things happen?



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