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Subject: Re: *one more question* Network Share

Gerald S Grommes wrote:
> Yes, I have this problem after saving and closing DI. I
> usually save pictures as JPG or PNG +, depending on what
> I am doing with them, neither format is accessable on the
> network. I can see the file names but cannot open or copy
> the files.
> Also when I copy them to my flash drive I get a message
> to "Confirm Stream Loss" could this be a clue?
Thanks for the info.

I'm still researching the issue and
will update this thread with my findings.

I'm thinking the "Confirm Stream Loss"
dialog is related to your thumbs.db files...
the following article explains what they are:

What is thumbs.db

In the meanwhile...maybe you can
find something useful at the following

This is the result of a Google Groups
search for: "Confirm Stream Loss"


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MS Picture It! MVP

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