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Subject: Re: *one more question* Network Share

Also...what format are you saving in?


John Inzer
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> Gerald S Grommes wrote:
>> If I edit a photo with Digital Image Pro 9 and do a
>> "Save" or Save As" to a Network Share I am unable to
>> access the edited image from any computer on the network
>> other the the computer that edited the image. Original
>> images are accessable from all computers on the network.
>> The only way I have found to move the DI edited images to
>> other computers on the network is to copy them to
>> removable storage, or, open and resave the image using
>> Microsoft Office Picture Manager, (the resulting image is
>> accessable to all computers on my network). Does anyone
>> know what I need to do to make my edited images
>> accessable through my network without having to open and
>> resave them using something other than DI?
> =====================================
> Just a clarifying question - do you close DIP9
> before trying to open the image on the other network
> machines? There could be a lock on the file if the
> application is still open.


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Re: *one more question* Network Share

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