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Subject: Re: Very frustrated with DIS 2006

Hi Josie,

I had a similar problem so I got a copy of ProShow Gold by Photodex for
doing slide shows. It is awesome. I still use DIS 2006 for my photo editing,
which I like very much. DIP 2006 has over 200 filters and this alone makes
the program worth the price.

Good Luck!

"John Inzer" wrote:

> Josie wrote:
> > Hi: I have been a loyal and happy user of PI and all the
> > DIS versions. But now I am a very unhappy user of the
> > 2006 version that I bought with Pinnacle in December
> > because a friend recommended Pinnacle to get my photo
> > stories with more options.I'm not having problems with
> > DIS, it's with Pinnacle.
> > I figured if it comes with DIS it will be easier to
> > integrate both. Well!!!!!... I've been out of the country
> > for some months and
> > now that am back I tried to install the program three
> > times and it never works. Am I
> > doing something wrong? I have all the requirements in my
> > PC and am not an expert but pretty good at using the PC
> > but cannot figure out what this is. Are others having
> > similar problems? Is Microsoft addressing this if it is
> > the software? I paid for this when I bought DIS 06 and
> > cannot use it. I'd like
> > to either get another one that works or my money returned.
> > Can you please comment? Josie
> ====================
> Pinnacle doesn't work for me either Josie.
> I installed/uninstalled/reinstalled several
> times and decided it is not worth the effort.
> Support for Pinnacle Studio Ver: 10 would
> have to be be provided by Pinnacle...
> http://tinyurl.com/842hq
> After 45 days I suspect a refund would be
> out of the question but you may want to give
> it a try:
> Microsoft North American Retail
> Product 45-Day Refund Policy
> http://tinyurl.com/deb6j
> --
> John Inzer
> MS Picture It! MVP
> Digital Image
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> http://tinyurl.com/aczzp
> Making Good Newsgroup Posts
> http://www.dts-l.org/goodpost.htm


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