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Subject: Re: Using Photoshop brushes and actions in DIP

Have you tried the community release of Expression Graphic Designer?

Pixel brushes AND vector brushes that can be applied direct or by using
layer structured designs.

While it is in the mid stages of development it is a fantastic program
allowing for pixel in vector layer, mixed vector and pixel layer
structures, defining your own strokes/brushes be they of vector or pixel
based origin.

As a mere enthusiast, I enthuse :)

Have a looksee here (most if not all) has had some creative input from EGD


(note to moderators - not, I hope, spam. It is merely a sketchpad
website to share and test the various technologies evolving as the
Expression Suite)

BTW - there are EWD and EID in the pipeline along with a cosy link to
ZAM 3D now that really should be enough to keep one going for a while

sfriedman wrote:
> Whatever happened to the paint brush tools and phot stamps that were
> originally included in PhotoDraw? It seems they took these out in later
> editions when it became DIP. There were a whole bunch of artisitc brushes and
> interesting symbols and shapes to draw with. It seems all Microsoft needs to
> do is put these back into the next release.


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