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Subject: Re: Time Lapse Animation

Try IrfanView

It has a quite fantastic slideshow facility

Ole wrote:
> John:
> Thanks for your reply.
> I have checked out Movie Maker. It doesn't allow playback of still images
> above about 8 frames per second. I need 25 to 30fps.
> And I can't find any info on Photo Story. It seems to be a slide show type
> play back. Can it playback at 30fps?
> "John Inzer" wrote:
>> Ole wrote:
>>> Thinking about buying DIS. My need is to create a time
>>> lapse video from consecutive images taken on my Nikon
>>> Coolpix 950. I have an intervelometer connected to take a
>>> frame every 20 seconds. My video will be approx. 2000
>>> frames. Can I do this with DIS 2006?? Can I get playback
>>> speeds around 30 frames per second??
>> =========================================
>> DIS is a digital image editing program...it does not
>> edit video. The closest thing to video is a tool called
>> Flipbook that will create an animated .gif file. This
>> option allows you to choose the size of the images
>> and the time for each frame to be displayed.
>> Maybe you would find Windows Movie Maker or
>> Photo Story 3 to be useful for your task.
>> --
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